Our Mission Elite Care for All

We believe that health is the key to a fulfilled life, and that exercise is a key pillar of health. Our mission is to empower everyone we treat to achieve their desired performance, fitness and health, now and into the future.

We are Experts

  • Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians have undergone a rigorous medical specialist training program, and at ASM we continually expand our skills and knowledge to deliver the highest quality service.

We deliver Elite Care for All

  • We treat everyone with respect, whatever their background, and deliver the best service at every consultation.
  • We seek to understand each person’s values and priorities.
  • We spend the time to educate and empower our patients to help themselves now and into the future.

We Share our Knowledge

  • Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians often work in a team. We acknowledge and work with all of a patient’s known current practitioners. We also have a wide network of quality practitioners that patients can benefit from when required.
  • We communicate written assessments to all treating practitioners, which they usually receive the same day.
  • We engage with the wider health, medical, and Sport and Exercise Medicine community.

We are Sustainable and Equitable

  • We believe that a healthy earth equals healthy people. We base our personal and business practices on this principle.
  • We support several charities including Plan, the Lost Dogs Home, Friends of Kings Park and various disaster appeals.

Healthy doctors = healthy patients

  • When our doctors are optimally healthy we are able to deliver the best service for you. We practice what we preach when it comes to healthy behaviour.